Halston Z-14 by Halston for men

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SKU 30021
Design House Halston
Year Introduced 1974
Concentration Eau de Cologne (EdC)
Fragrance Notes cinnamon, lemon, oakmoss, leather, cypress, patchouli, coriander, bergamot, benzoin, vetiver, cedar, greens, geranium, musk, basil, tonka bean, amber, gardenia, jasmine
Recommended Use Casual
License Info Samples are hand decanted from the original licensed design house fragrance. Samples are not a licensed design house product. the customer will receive the original Fragrance hand poured into a sterile glass vial. MyPerfumeSamples is not affiliated with design house in any manner.
  1. Cinnamon but not sweet

    by Peter on May 11, 2018

    This is a projection monster. It is an old school fragrance that is heavy with cinnamon nut not sweet or gourmandish at all. Best for fall/winter.
  2. Nice scent

    by Haas on Apr 10, 2018

    I really enjoyed this fragrance
  3. Average

    by Zack on Sep 20, 2017

    Not great but I like it
  4. Not great

    by Zachary on Aug 16, 2017

    did not like this
  5. Great

    by Zachary on Aug 16, 2017

    One of my favorites
  6. A bold musk

    by James on Aug 3, 2017

    This is a staple to any good cologne collection.It is a strong peppery bold scent with a strong musk scent.
  7. Soap and Spice

    by Fritz on Jun 27, 2017

    I wanted to like this scent, the initial smell is sort of spicy and settles into a smell like a bar of soap and spice. I am not picking up most of the notes listed, smells like a very cheap and synthetic smell.
  8. Nope

    by Ando on May 19, 2017

    The notes are loud and confused. I mean cinnamon, lemon, oakmoss, leather, cypress, patchouli, coriander, bergamot, benzoin, vetiver, cedar, greens, geranium, musk, basil, tonka bean, amber, gardenia, & jasmine. This stuff is pretty cheap and I think it smells that way too. The dry down is a little nicer but it isn't worth the heavy spice and basil that hit first.
  9. Leather!

    by Hope on May 19, 2017

    I haven't had the pleasure of smelling this on a man yet, but on test paper, it smelled wonderful!
  10. Great Quality for the Price

    by KE on Feb 16, 2017

    This is a good fragrance. Amazingly inexpensive, but it's well-rounded and very pleasant. It's masculine, warm, a little spicy, and nicely balanced. I would definitely recommend it to be tried if the notes interest you, because you certainly can't go wrong with the price.
  11. Great punch for the price

    by Kyle on Feb 12, 2017

    Cypress, cinnamon, citrus, leather. This stuff is pretty powerful and has a lot going on. Smells kinda old school, which is a good thing in my book. Overall a solid woody aromatic And I got an eight ounce bottle for about $12. Pretty hard to beat.
  12. great smell!

    by Chad on Sep 21, 2016

    good clean spicy scent for an older cologne.
  13. Cinnamon

    by Michael on Jun 27, 2016

    Only try this is you like spicy, cinnamon infused fragrances. This was old fashion to me.
  14. Good

    by Mikheil on Jun 24, 2016

    It's a classic.Deep, woodsy, leathery and mature.
  15. my many favorites

    by Bilel on May 12, 2016

    I would consider Halston Z-14 to be one of my many favorites. This masculine cologne has sweet notes of cedar, tobacco, sage and lavender with a clean and crisp citrus finish. However, be sure to use in moderation as this fragrance can sometimes have an overwhelming effect on some whom may be sensitive to some aromas
  16. Cinnamon Goodness :)

    by Nazia on Mar 23, 2015

    I agree with another reviewer here, this definitely smells great on women as well as men. I get a lot of the cinnamon, which is just lovely. I also get lemony cypress, which I LOVE. Might buy a bottle to wear :)
  17. Nice woods/citrus/spice fragrance

    by Jeffrey on Jan 5, 2014

    I smelled this fragrance years ago,but was one of those that I thought I wouldn't bother to wear. Well, one day my Dad's friend got me a bottle recently for Christmas. I didn't think I would like it that well, but the more I weared it, the more I sort of liked it. It's not too strong of a fragrance. This is a nice fragrance but not the sort of fragrance I would continue to buy in the future.
  18. Yes, even a woman can wear this!

    by Heather on Sep 9, 2013

    I used to wear Z14 back in the early 80's, often with something else - sometimes with Ralph Lauren's Lauren on my upper body and Halston Z14 on my lower half! Seems silly now, but it works well for me! I didn't find either scent fitting for me by themselves, but together they gave me a wonderful feeling of zang (if that's a word!)

    The scent of Z14 changes so dramatically after 15 mins. or so, that I couldn't wait fast enough for the citrus to smoothly tie in with the following notes of woods and flowers. Then, and only then, was it terrific for me! The cinnamon is fairly light (darn it), but the cedar, cypress, patchouli, vetiver, and amber notes come to play, and it becomes extremely gorgeous! I can also detect the beautiful geranium, which I adore!

    I gave Z14 to my boyfriend at the time, and he probably still wears it (I have no idea) - he absolutely loved it on him and me!! Whenever I smell it in the air even now, it gives me a tingly feeling - it's a very detectable and memorable fragrance. I haven't worn it myself in forever - not sure why not, but I love smelling it on men around me. It's not often, but it's inviting for sure! Maybe that's why I wore it back in the day! FABULOUS!!!
  19. Yes, even a female can wear this!

    by Heather on Sep 9, 2013

    Yes, I used to wear Z-14 back in the early 80's, although, sometimes with another fragrance to compliment it! The original scent Z-14 changed so dramatically after about 15 mins. or so, and it seemed harsh when I first put it on. Then the dramatic level of citrus fades smoothly away, and you can detect more of the woods and flowers. The cinnamon is pretty light for me, but the cedar, cypress, patchouli, vetiver, and amber notes come through with a nice blend. Oh, and the geranium is gorgeous, which I just love! I actually got my boyfriend at the time hooked on Z-14!

    Whenever I smell it in the air, I have to look about to see who's wearing it. It still stirs something inside me! It's so comforting and zingy at the same time! Maybe that's why I used to wear it myself. So awesomely memorable - a classic really!

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Halston Halston Z-14 Men's Cologne EDC

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