Fantasy by Britney Spears for women

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SKU 33651
Design House Britney Spears
Year Introduced 2005
Concentration Eau de Parfum (EdP)
Fragrance Notes white chocolate, lychee, kiwi, cupcake, musk, orchid, jasmine, woods, orris root, and quince
Recommended Use Romantic
License Info Samples are hand decanted from the original licensed design house fragrance. Samples are not a licensed design house product. the customer will receive the original Fragrance hand poured into a sterile glass vial. MyPerfumeSamples is not affiliated with design house in any manner.
  1. Date night

    by Kaitlyn on Mar 27, 2019

    A favorite for date night, it's youthful and sweet and smells like candy
  2. Reminds me of Cool Water Woman

    by Mary on May 11, 2018

    ...with a fruity twist. Not one of my favorites by Ms. Spears, but still better than some fragrances out there.
  3. Sexy

    by sara on Feb 6, 2018

    Sexy scent! Perfect for night times and dpecially for dates! Received a lot of compliments specially from men!
  4. Great perfume

    by Ruth Synnove on Nov 12, 2017

    My sister wears this everyday. It's sweet, young, fresh. We've always been fans of Britneys perfumes. Like her other perfumes, this lasts all day.
  5. Great smell!

    by cassandra on Oct 5, 2017

    I love this perfume! It smells fabulous! The scent lasts all day!
  6. Fantasy

    by cassandra on Oct 5, 2017

    I absolutely love this perfume! It smells so nice! I think the scent lasts for a long time.
  7. One of my favorites

    by Marilyn on Jul 26, 2017

    I forgot how good this smelled. I love this scent. Smells like cotton candy.
  8. Good

    by Jessica on Jul 11, 2017

    I like this fragrance but it does not last like I would like it.
  9. Didn't like

    by Mary on Jun 5, 2017

    It dried down to an incense smell. Not good.
  10. It's ok

    by Hope on May 17, 2017

    I wasn't too impressed. These sweet smelling fragrances get monotonous, and this one doesn't have much that sets it apart. I have a sample that I always pass over for something more interesting.
  11. Sweet and Sassy

    by Mary Carole on Feb 16, 2017

    I am a big fan of sweet and gourmand scents. This one is yummy! The white chocolate and berries make this fragrance a sweet and sassy mixture of goodness. While it is sweet there is also a cleanness to this that I appreciate.
  12. Fantasy

    by Tatyana on Feb 15, 2017

    Yes, it's sweet, maybe too sweet at times, but it smells so good and yummy!
  13. Warm and Sweet

    by Denette on Feb 15, 2017

    Although Fantasy is not my most favorite vanilla gourmand fragrance, it is still very good and enjoyable. I love the white chocolate note and find that it is well balanced with the berries that makes a delicious combination. The only thing keeping it from five stars is there is a sharp note that is unpleasant and starts to bother me after a while.
  14. Yum, though over powerful!

    by Jaclyn on Nov 29, 2016

    I really like this, however it is one that I have heard people feel sick from smelling too much (we had a close friend that wore it all the time). I always thought it smelled lovely, and now that I have it, occasionally when I wear it I only use a little bit because I want it to also smell nice for others and not sickening, as the sweet musky smooth scent can be accomplished with just a small amount.
  15. Shocking

    by linaya on Sep 15, 2016

    I personally loathed Curious, but Fantasy a personal favorite of mine. Compliments from both male and females. The white chocolate and orchid notes combined make for an exceptional scent. Im usually a high end kind of girl, but this is exceptionally well blended and a great year-round fragrance. Long lasting, as well. It seems to achieve more depth when sprayed in hair.
  16. Sweet

    by Shania on Jun 22, 2016

    This is really sweet and fresh
  17. it's ok

    by Tasha on Jun 16, 2016

    I got it as a free sample. It's ok! I wouldn't buy it. I thought it was great if it was being sent for free for us to try.
  18. Fantasy

    by Amber on Jun 10, 2016

    I love this perfume. The cupcake notes and very fun. This is definitely good introductory scent for those wanting to get into perfumes.
  19. So sweet!

    by michelle on Jun 10, 2016

    It's a very nice perfume. The white chocolate cupcake scent is delicious but it's really kind of too sweet for me. I could only wear this one occasionally.
  20. Sweet and young

    by Alishia on May 23, 2016

    When this came out, my little sister went out and bought it. I made fun of her for getting a Britney Spears perfume. I laughed and laughed until I smelled it and then I shut up forever. Even though its too sweet for me now, when I was younger, it was perfect.
  21. Pre teen/ teenager

    by Jennifer on Dec 29, 2015

    Perfect "starter" fragrance for any pre teen/ teenaged girl.
  22. Very sweet

    by diana on Nov 28, 2015

    As you can expect from the white chocolate and cupcake notes, this is a very sweet fragrance. It's a very sweet scent, but at the same time, not overly sweet that it gives me headaches like other sweet fragrances I've tried.
  23. Speechless,Not enough words to say

    by Oona on Sep 26, 2015

    This perfume have always being my most preferred choice. i never go wrong with this. It last for up to 2-3 days on me, my clothes,in my washing machine...this has an incredible sweet smell. i get tons of oustanding comments. When i wear this, i put it on with confidence and admiration
  24. I used to like it. Now I don't.

    by Lora on Mar 3, 2015

    I used to like this scent back in 2006 so I decided to revisit it, but something has changed. Either my body chemistry or the formula for this perfume is different now.

    My recent experience with Fantasy started off with a sharp, sour, citrus note. It became a little more subtle as it shifted into soft, sweet kiwi and vanilla.

    HOWEVER: The white chocolate note that I used to love about this perfume was barely noticeable to me. It seemed washed out by the powdery-vanilla base and fruity sweetness of the perfume's other notes. I am not a fan of powdery scents, so this was the real deal breaker for me.
  25. Sour/Sweet/Weird :\

    by Nazia on Mar 2, 2015

    I wanted to like this, because so many people do (and my best friend loves this) but I just don't :( It's a weird sour kiwi on me at first, mixed with watery sweet chocolate/cupcake/stuff - and then it dries to down more toothache sweet white chocolate still mixed with sour fruit. Not a fan :\
  26. Love it

    by Bridgette on Jun 5, 2014

    One of my favorites. It just smells wonderful.
  27. One of my go to scents

    by Carrie on May 23, 2014

    I love this scent. It's very sweet but I still love it. I am in my late 30's but still like younger scents. This one is perfect because it actually has some mature notes to it
  28. Awesome

    by Alanna on May 1, 2014

    This is one of the best celeb perfumes in my opinion. The scent is so distinctive, long-lasting, and easy to wear. I think women of all ages could pull it off. This also can be worn year-round. A favorite!
  29. Perfume

    by Nicole on Jan 3, 2014

    This perfume really is candy smelling, close to my favorite SJP NYC perfume. However I heard that the sweet smelling perfumes like this last the least long, which was true for this too. It's great for the price though and the smell alone might be enough to buy and just reapply!
  30. Good Fragrance

    by Dawn on Nov 26, 2013

    This is a sweet fragrance. I can wear it over and over again. This purchase is worth it.
  31. Very sweet

    by Ashley on Nov 11, 2013

    I liked this perfume most in my teenage years. I have since grown out of this perfume. Guys like this scent - more sweet than floral.
  32. Nice!

    by Ricky on Nov 6, 2013

    Gave this one to my girlfriend, didn't expect much, just did it for the brand, but when she put it on it smelt surprisingly sophisticated and classy, sweet and gorgeous! Love it!

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Britney Spears Fantasy Women's Perfume EdP

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