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MyPerfumeSamples provides an affordable online fragrance sampling service for consumers to try perfumes and colognes. Our samples involve a careful decanting process where liquid is transferred from 100% genuine fragrance bottles to sample containers of various sizes.

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What is a fragrance decant?

A decant is defined as the act of pouring or transferring of liquid from one vessel to another. A fragrance decant is the process where perfume or cologne is transferred from its original design house bottle into a sterile sample container. MyPerfumeSamples uses only sterile and aseptic techniques when creating your sample.

What are the advantages of a decanted perfume sample?

Decants allow for consumers to try a variety of genuine fragrances at an affordable price. Our vast selection of perfumes & colognes is continually expanding to help everyone find just the right scent. Whether you're a seasoned traveler in need of a few sample sized items to travel with, an avid fragrance collector, or someone just starting to indulge in the world of fragrances, we guarantee our services to exceed your expectations.

Why buy a decant from MyPerfumeSamples?

For many reasons we believe shopping from the convenience of your home to be a superior experience. First, with over 1,000 fragrances to choose from, our selection exceeds that of most brick & mortar retail stores. Next, shopping easily and securely from your home with shipments sent directly to your address, fragrance sampling couldn't be easier. Finally, we specialize in decanted samples and there are no limits to how many or how often you may order.

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