Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari for women and men

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SKU 30961
Design House Bvlgari
Year Introduced 1998
Concentration Eau de Toilette (EdT)
Fragrance Notes leather, vanilla, black tea, amber, musk, sandalwood, cedar, jasmine, bergamot, oakmoss, rose
Recommended Use Daytime
License Info Samples are hand decanted from the original licensed design house fragrance. Samples are not a licensed design house product. the customer will receive the original Fragrance hand poured into a sterile glass vial. MyPerfumeSamples is not affiliated with design house in any manner.
  1. sexy leather

    by Kaitlyn on Mar 27, 2019

    Love this one, smells like a new purse!
  2. Love this smell

    by Haas on Apr 10, 2018

    I really enjoyed this fragrance.
  3. Great

    by Zack on Sep 20, 2017

    One of the better colognes
  4. You like smelling like a rubber factory, well here you go!

    by Melbourne on Sep 6, 2017

    Smells like rubber through and through. I'm sure there are other notes, but not on me. Definitely don't blind buy based on the reviews
  5. Better for women

    by Zachary on Aug 16, 2017

    I liked it but my wife liked it more
  6. True unisex

    by Daniel on Aug 11, 2017

    A soft and sweet leather, a delicate and romantic scent with a soft and always present vanilla; Its longevity is moderate, not strong, ideal for the night indoors.
  7. Smooooth

    by Filip on Jul 7, 2017

    Dude... This is one of those that grew on me. The first time I tried it was ok. Then the next time I smelled the rubber and vanilla more and it was a little much. But now I really love this sample. I think it smells very attractive on me. If I could describe it in one word: smooooth. I much prefer this to Boss/Ferrari Black. I think I might even buy me a bottle *thumbs up*
  8. I absolutely love it.

    by Tanya on May 28, 2017

    I Only ordered a small test bottle because I'm a bvlgari blue girl myself but was unable to find it, the smell is absolutely wonderful and I received my packages fast. I also ordered the issey miyake and it smells great as well. I will definitely be reordering the larger bottle. As a person who suffers from migraines caused by loud colongnes this didn't bother me one bit. I absolutely love it..
  9. doesn't work for me

    by Leanne on May 18, 2017

    For some reason this smells like baby powder on my skin. I don't know why. On my boyfriend's skin it is a lovely vanilla and cedar combination. I was really looking forward to this one and it was nothing like I expected from the notes.
  10. Ok but not great

    by Zachary on Mar 4, 2017

    More for women than men but still nice scent
  11. Leather & Vanilla

    by Ruebennase on Feb 20, 2017

    Very nice unisex fragrance. Dominated by leather and vanilla. Beautiful cedar and sandalwood, too. Very nice for colder weather. I wouldn't wear this in summer.
  12. Bvlgari Black

    by Tatyana on Feb 15, 2017

    It's a very well-made fragrance if you like leather.
  13. nice

    by Shun on Jan 23, 2017

    I love that this is a unisex fragrance! Nice fragrance for evening.
  14. Bad at First...

    by Ashley on Jul 18, 2016

    Really bad at first. The leather scent was overwhelming, but as soon as that wore off, the base notes were very nice. Reminded me of a more mature Viva La Juicy for some reason. Overall, a really good unisex perfume.
  15. Interesting

    by Michael on Jun 27, 2016

    Interesting combo of leather, vanilla and tea. A definite must-try, as the composition could come out differently on anyone. On me this works great, but some noses just can't handle the unique qualities of this fragrance.
  16. Good stuff here

    by Jarrod on Jun 9, 2016

    A interesting fragrance opens with somewhat deep notes consisting of jasmine and a herbal tea mixed with rubber. Sounds odd but it is pulled off quiet well, the as the scent drys down a creamy rubber smell is given off. Only for the blood here, projection is average but lasts 8 hrs + quite the aromatic fragrance
  17. Pretty Good

    by Ricki on Jun 6, 2016

    Tried 10 different samples and I rated this one a 3.5 out of 5. I really liked the scent but it seemed very weak to me. But, sometimes a weak subtle fragrance is perfect for the occasion. Will definitely buy again.
  18. Splendid

    by Alicia on Apr 1, 2016

    This is a unique perfume, and utterly beautiful in its darkness and its depth. Completely unisex, I prefer it for the colder seasons of the year. Unforgettably beautiful.Absolutely unique.
  19. Better dabbed than sprayed.

    by Betsy on Jan 29, 2016

    I originally bought the 1 mL glass vial of Black, because the notes seemed interesting. I loved it so much that I then purchased the 5 mL spray.
    When spraying it on myself, I became quite nauseated, though the scent was the same from both the spray and the dabber vial.
    When sniffing either vial, or dabbing it onto myself, the nausea doesn't set in.
    It is strange, but that's how it reacts for me.
    I do smell rubber, but not burning/burnt rubber. Not fresh rubber like new tires, or old rubber like tubes or hoses either. Just a mix of rubber/leather, vanilla, sandalwood, and some florals.
  20. Multi-faceted gem

    by Ronald on Jan 14, 2016

    This fragrance is smoky and gives off an almost rubbery smell, but combined with jasmine, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, amber and musk; it has an amazing depth to it. The rubbery smell mostly seems to come from lapsang souchong tea; which is smoky Chinese tea. As the sweeter notes combine from the vanilla and amber, it has a captivating smell. Not for everyone's taste, so make sure to sample before buying a bottle. I use this one for my own enjoyment!
  21. Love

    by Rose on Jan 14, 2016

    I know this perfume very well. It used to be a kind of signature scent for me and recently I've started to wear it again because it's an all time classic - smoky, warm, sweet, salty, driftwoody and comforting in the dry-down. It won't appeal to women who prefer light floral or fruity perfumes.

    Can I point out - this was designed by a woman (Annick Menardo) with women in mind. It maybe came out a a time (late 90s) when women were wanting something lighter or fruitier so they re-marketed it to men. Now that more edgy and smoky or darker fragrances are on the way back this might appeal to more women. I personally don't love the scent of rich vanilla on a man, though maybe the smoky saltiness in this perfume could make that work. On a man the drier qualities would come out more I imagine.

    What I love about this perfume is it's definitive smell, it feels really well structured
    Also it really reminds me of Lapsang Souchong tea (think that's the tea the that the tea note is based on) L.S. is amazingly smoky and is great with loose leaf earl grey tea - add just a tiny sprinkle of lapsang souchong to the pot - beautifully refreshing.
  22. Contradictory Scent

    by Mikheil on Dec 2, 2015

    Scent is very strange.Very masculine in beginning with rubber elements and then is going to be a tender one(vanilla starts its play).I like it,but will not buy any more.Anyway is worth to try.
  23. A weird one

    by Jason on Oct 30, 2015

    Not sure how I feel about this one but was curious as to how it smelled based off reviews of others. For sure this is a big rubbery notes in there which is strange and also a bit floral. I'm undecided still about how I feel about this one. Unique for sure though, you won't smell like many other people with this one.
  24. Sexy like a Panther!

    by Hope on Sep 12, 2015

    This is not your typical sex kitten fragrance. It has a loud and steady purr that comforts while simultaneously roaring. I smell the smoke, incense, leather, and yes very much the rubber...and this sounds altogether yuck with the sweet vanilla and musk peeking from behind the tall grass, but somehow it just works! A favorite scent I crave often, I was not surprised when I read the list of sexy actresses who wear this scent, including Halle Berry! Try it. You may hate it. Try it till your sample is out. You may just fall in love!
  25. Never Again

    by Kadaffi on Aug 24, 2015

    I can't even describe this scent as I was so eager to wash it of. This is not for me at all as I found it to be an extremely unpleasant scent with no saving factors, it was just all around bad for me.
  26. Leather!

    by Carol on Jul 22, 2015

    I got this sample because one of the notes was leather, I love the smell of leather, and to my surprise, you really do smell leather! This makes it more of a masculine smell, but there is also sweetness which balances the leather nicely!
  27. unique for bvlgari...

    by Mario on Apr 19, 2015

    the tea and leather creates a gasolene/rubber smell. totally not what you should wear to the office...
  28. Rubbery leather

    by Colin on Mar 24, 2015

    This is a winter/fall fragrance that is a very unique combination of rubbery leather and smokey incense. Most people are either going to love or hate Black Bvlgari.

    The longevity and sillage are both pretty average. After 6 hours I find this stays close to my skin. Certainly not my favorite scent but it's one you have to experience for yourself.
  29. Great

    by Margaret on Mar 1, 2015

    Powdery, leathery scent !
  30. So unique!

    by Nazia on Feb 27, 2015

    I actually really like this rubbery smoky vanilla scent. It's weird, but good. It kind of reminds me of the opening of Shalimar. Just wish it lasted longer on my skin.
  31. Unique!

    by Krista on Jan 18, 2015

    I am rating this fragrance 5 stars for its unique definitely starts off very strong and like the smell of rubber tires for me....then fades into a very unisex / more masculine scent. But i love its transformation as its notes come and go. Very interesting scent.....potentially offensive to others!!!
  32. Rock 'n roll

    by Tine on Jan 17, 2015

    This scent feels like coming home. For me, Bvlgari Black is not about dressing up, this is no elegant, chic scent. It is for those rare, perfect nights when you feel very much at ease in an old, but perfect pair of jeans, a beat-up leather jacket and a cashmere sweater. Darkest dark, stroll under a night sky, cigarette between teeth and long, unkempt hair tangled by the wind. Fiery independence, freedom and a touch of danger! I love how this perfume makes me feel!
  33. Interesting

    by marc on Jan 2, 2015

    This fragrance smells great except for the rubber note that it is known for. Because of it, the scent borders on nauseating for me. It's a very interesting smell, certainly worth trying, but isn't for me.
  34. Sexy and Smokey

    by Emily on Dec 27, 2014

    This is one of those rare scents that manages to be both edgy and cozy. I don't get rubber. I get a smokey, subdued leather cushioned by delicous vanilla and sandalwood. I love this!
  35. Warm vanilla and rubber

    by lls on Mar 24, 2014

    Really nice warm vanilla with an edgy rubber note. Not something I actually want to wear, but very well done. I can see it growing on me.
  36. A rubber scented perfume?

    by Jeffrey on Mar 22, 2014

    I bought a sample of this to try cause of others positive reviews. I just don't care for the scent of it. It smells like new rubber. I think this is more talored for men then women in the way it smells, even though it's a unisex perfume. Maybe some women, and even guys that are into wearing a lot of leather might find that this perfume fits that wardrobe perfectly.
  37. URBAN Scent!

    by Heather on Mar 3, 2014

    I must add to my previous review:
    I now refer to this perfume as my 'urban' scent; my go-to frag for an edgy day! But, I find, on other days, that I can wear it the office and go straight to dinner - it's perfect that way! Refreshing, but also with that awesome rubber note that is to die for! BB you rock!!
  38. Incredible

    by Jesus on Nov 10, 2013

    A unique refreshingly sweet fragrance! Of course, the fragrance is infamous for the "rubber" note it gives off at the initial spray and 1-2 hours after it's set on the skin. Don't dare scurry away from this because it's a beautiful experience everyone should have. The uniqueness of the smokiness and the leather then later mixing in with the sweet vanilla in the dry down is so sensual and attention grabbing. If you're a collector you NEED this bottle. So sexy, abstract, sweet, warm, cool!
  39. Unisex, I'm sure of it!

    by Heather on Sep 8, 2013

    I bought this fragrance duty-free, up in the air - on the plane back to the US from Amsterdam. I actually didn't even realize it was specified for men until I returned back home and opened the box. However, it works for me, and that's what counts, right?!

    I have yet to experience a Bvlgari fragrance that I don't like. I am in love with this scent! It's truly amazing! It's edgy and sexy, especially on me, a woman, because it has that bit of masculine strength to it. I adore unisex fragrances. This does smell a bit rubbery due to the nice leather note, but, I believe, that's what makes it so unique and awesome! This scent is very warm, smooth, and comforting all at the same time! I can also detect the vanilla and green tea. It really is a gorgeous creation! It seems like a perfume most people would opt to wear in winter, but I love this enough to wear right through the summer and beyond...anytime! Spectacular! (Plus, the bottle is GREAT and looks strong next to all of my other perfumes in my fragrance arena!)

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Bvlgari Bvlgari Black Women's and Men's EdT

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