Green Irish Tweed by Creed for men

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SKU 34506
Design House Creed
Year Introduced 1985
Concentration Eau de Parfum (EdP)
Fragrance Notes lemon verbena, violet, iris, cedar, basil, violet leaf, amber, vetiver, and sandalwood
Recommended Use Daytime
License Info Samples are hand decanted from the original licensed design house fragrance. Samples are not a licensed design house product. the customer will receive the original Fragrance hand poured into a sterile glass vial. MyPerfumeSamples is not affiliated with design house in any manner.
  1. Refreshing

    by Justin on Mar 23, 2017

    The one thing that I like about the Green Irish Tweed, is how it has this fresh, vibrant scent. Sort of 'airy' in a way, if that means anything. This is my second favorite Creed product next to the Aventus.
  2. Top 5 for me

    by Frank on Mar 21, 2017

    Perfect for day time wear. Sillage and longevity are both rather good! Can't go wrong with this scent!
  3. Irish hillside

    by claude on Mar 17, 2017

    This is what I imagine an Irish Hillside smelling like in the morning. Projects very well, I put it on in the not I g and could still smell it that evening.
  4. I don't get it

    by Nick on Mar 15, 2017

    Its kind of boring. Its green and clean and I guess my expectations were set too high. Its a little less in-your-face than coolwater but it is very similar.
  5. Fresh and Clean

    by Tristan on Feb 16, 2017

    Fragrance is extremely fresh and clean. Like Irish spring with a kick. Performance is great with a classy dry down.
  6. Classy

    by Randy on Feb 16, 2017

    GIT is classy, but terribly expensive. I feel there are better options out there!
  7. Green is right

    by Kyle on Feb 12, 2017

    Another phenomenal, classy scent from Creed. I have to say, I hate the opening of GIT. I've smelled it in a few other fragrances (Commodity's Book comes to mind), and the only thing I can think to compare it to is pickle. However, once you get past that (it only took a few minutes at most), it turns into something wonderful. Often described as a walk through the Irish countryside, and I think that's very accurate.
  8. Nice

    by Angel on Feb 5, 2017

    GIT is a nice fragrance. To me, it smells like a classier version of Cool Water but more "greener"--if that makes sense. That said, although it's nice, it's not really my style. Plus, I cannot justify the cost. Nice fragrance, though.
  9. Ezcellent

    by Steve on Jan 18, 2017

    What an awesome fragrance! Great All around scent, very green. A classic and will be ordering small vials here and there until I've saved enough for the 4.0 oz bottle.
  10. A MUST

    by David on Jan 6, 2017

    I have to get this bottle. The sample was amazing! I fell in love.
  11. There is a reason this one has staying power

    by Deebs on Dec 25, 2016

    Among Creed scents, this is 2nd in my book to Aventus. This is seriously an amazing green scent. If only Creed scents were cheaper. It's so fresh and complex with wonderful notes from top to bottom
  12. Classic

    by Bhaskar on Dec 15, 2016

    Very nice fresh manly fragrance
  13. Good, but worth the price?

    by Dana on Sep 6, 2016

    If you're a collector, or appreciate high quality products this is for you. If you're someone who just wants to smell good every day you're better off going with Cool Water. It smells remarkably similar to GIT, but at a fraction of the cost.
  14. Evening Encounter

    by Henry on Aug 20, 2016

    Great for a night out with your date or just for a fun evening with the dinner party
  15. Too GREEN for me

    by RC on Aug 18, 2016

    I like "green" scents but this one is just too much on me. Sorta gives me a headache after a short time. If you like really "green" fragrances than this is the one for you. To me there's better Creeds out there. But if this one wasn't quite as powerful in the "green" direction I'd definitely wear it.

    I get mainly a mossy grassy scent with this one. Moss being the main one I get. Very earthy, wet moss, grass fragrance.
  16. Nice, clean. Very green

    by Jessica on Jun 9, 2016

    It smells about as green as you can get. It is crisp and bright and a very refreshing scent. It doesn't have the longevity I'd hope for for the price, but this is a nice choice for hot days.
  17. As good as Silver Mountain Water

    by Robert on Jun 6, 2016

    I see the ratings on Green Irish Tweed are really good. Looks like I'm the only one giving it a lower rating. Wish I could. Looked forward to trying it. Disappointed. Same review I gave for Silver Mountain Water. Can't recommend.
  18. Fresh grass

    by Alishia on May 23, 2016

    This is the second Creed my boyfriend has tried. The first was Aventus that I bought him and loved. Both are very high quality. This smells like a fields in spring. Its not super masculine but that's what the Aventua is for. This is soft and clean. I don't think I'd purchase a full bottle because of the price, but it's worth a try.
  19. Creed does it again

    by Bryan on May 14, 2016

    Another great fragrance by Creed. I plan to make this a regular scent of mine as well
  20. Classic

    by Gregory on Jan 11, 2016

    I really liked the freshness of this. I only wished it lasted longer. It was gone within a couple of hours on my skin.
  21. Smells like spring

    by Ronny on Jan 11, 2016

    Perfect scent for spring. Green fresh and aromatic.
  22. Worth the hype

    by Sean on Nov 12, 2015

    This is best worn in warm weather during the day, and is good for work and casual wear. As the fragrance progresses, it smells better and better. Definitely worth trying.
  23. Good

    by Michael on Oct 29, 2015

    This is a good sent but not the best. I do have to day this is a very feminine and very green sent. Any creed sent is good but this one is not my favorite. This stuff is strong and not a lot is needed, and it will last all day.
  24. This is definitely worth the hype

    by Sean on Oct 20, 2015

    This is best worn in warm weather during the day, and is good for work and casual wear. As the fragrance progresses, it smells better and better. Definitely worth trying.
  25. Great Stuff

    by Matt on Sep 14, 2015

    Smells grassy and soapy. Extremely clean smelling. I like using it for work but my girlfriend loves it on me. I think it's probably her favorite out of my collection...and I've gotten a few compliments from it as well.. might be too green for some but overall it's a superb fragrance
  26. Great fragrance

    by Colin on Mar 31, 2015

    This is a beautiful fresh spring scent.

    Green Irish Tweed is a perfectly blended cologne that people will compliment you for wearing. The longevity and sillage are above average on my skin.

    Compare this with Davidoff's Cool Water.
  27. BOSS.

    by Nazia on Mar 18, 2015

    This is hands down the best I've ever smelled. So manly in a sophisticated way.
  28. Smells like it sounds.

    by Colognissuer on Feb 6, 2015

    I just got my sample of this cologne today, and I'm kind of in love with it. I wasn't at first, I was expecting you know Irish spring or something, but to me it smells a park on a late spring or early summer day. I smell tweed, and green somethings, masculine, yet refined, it's the kind of scent that conveys dignified authority, while still having approach-ability. I see now why no many top actors wear it.
  29. My first taste of Creed

    by John on Jan 24, 2015

    I refuse to pay more than $100 for a fragrance. That's what I love about this site, it makes the unreachable, reachable. So this is my first taste of the fabled house of Creed. It's a fine taste, GIT opens crisp and pleasant with lemon combined with green notes. These make the lemon not the usual tart and juicy variety, but tangy and maybe even a bit underripe. There is also a mentholated quality to the notes, which adds zest to the whole affair. A very nice opening.

    Violet and lemon then alternate as the main note. Again, the focus is on clean and fresh takes. The violets smell like those in a kitchen window and not not the overwhelming violet of something like Grey Flannel. Eventually, both the flowers and fruits give way to a cool sandalwood with the traditional Creed ambergris heart. Lemon remains in the background producing competing sweet and tart smells. It dries down and remains an ambergris and lemon treat for hours afterward.
    I quite like the whole production. The open is super-refreshing while the dry down is more contemplative. It has the makings of a signature fragrance. It is also worth comparing to Aspen by Coty, a much cheaper fragrance sharIng many of the same notes. In this case, you get what you pay for. GIT is vastly more natural smelling and vastly better in the dry down with its ambergris note not shared by Aspen. I understand why GIT is so popular.

    On the plus side, the fragrance is lively, zesty, and refreshing. A slight drawback is that the fragrance is, in no way, daring or sexy. It's an office or everyday scent. It's maybe a scent for the first date. But it's too clean to be truly sexy.

    Thumbs up.
  30. A very nice green fragrance.

    by Jeffrey on Apr 21, 2014

    I'm glad I ordered a sample of this to try out. It smells very nice. I can see why maybe some people may think it evokes being in the countryside of Ireland. This fragrance smells like Spring in the Emerald Isle. It's green and herbal with a hint of floral notes(Violets). This has very nice longevity and sillage. I think it lasts longer on my skin than "Aventus". Maybe at a future date, I'll consider buying a 5 ml atomizer. Right now, the regular size bottles are too expensive.
  31. excellent

    by Mario on Apr 6, 2014

    the original 'cool water'. much more expensive, but very nice nonetheless. fresh and
  32. Supergreen!!

    by Gabriel on Mar 8, 2014

    Love it!! Green, fresh, rich, smooth!! Indescribable! Just try it!
  33. very green

    by nose34745 on Feb 19, 2014

    Very green (plants, not grasses) at first, then it's really rather average after that. It probably costs too much.
  34. A staple, a classic, -expensive

    by Jonathan on Jan 24, 2014

    I agree with Jesus but not Phillip, great scent the longevity and silage are average and slightly below average on my skin (respectively) This is near the top of my list of fragrances by comparison most others smell cheap and chemically while this is rich complex and earthy. If you are thinking about this classic buy it here first, at $160.00 ish a bottle test drive for a few days before you buy.
  35. Great Scent

    by Phillip on Dec 4, 2013

    This is one of my favorites. The scent is green. The only issue I have is that I wish it didn't wear so close to my skin and had more longevity
  36. Beautiful

    by Jesus on Nov 10, 2013

    This stuff really does evoke thoughts of a country side in Ireland. Nice masculine green, musky, soapy vibe. The ingredients in this juice are quality and the projection is above average. Inoffensive, clean, and sexy. Grab a bottle if able.

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Green Irish Tweed by Creed for men

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