Gaultier 2 by Jean Paul Gaultier for women and men

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SKU 32275
Design House Jean Paul Gaultier
Year Introduced 2005
Concentration Eau de Parfum (EdP)
Fragrance Notes vanilla, amber, musk
Recommended Use Evening
License Info Samples are hand decanted from the original licensed design house fragrance. Samples are not a licensed design house product. the customer will receive the original Fragrance hand poured into a sterile glass vial. MyPerfumeSamples is not affiliated with design house in any manner.
  1. Disgusting

    by Ruebennase on Feb 21, 2017

    This cloyingly sweet vanilla/amber/musk "unisex" monstrosity is one of the worst male fragrances I have ever encountered.
  2. Delicious

    by Nazia on Feb 16, 2017

    This scent is so delicious. It's simple, it doesn't change much, but it's a sweet ambery gourmand fragrance that is so perfect for colder weather. It has an almost root beer feel, kind of fizzy, and sweet in a rich, almost medicinal way. This projects all day, but isn't too strong or overbearing. Perfect to wear with your favorite cuddly sweater.
  3. Not a good musk

    by Alishia on May 23, 2016

    I really love musk, but for some reason, I don't like this. Maybe its a little too masculine for me. This was actually one of the first unisex fragrances I smelled. It lasted a decent amount of time.
  4. Avon Skin-So-Soft

    by Summer on Jan 20, 2016

    Almost a dead-on match for the fragrance of Avon Skin-So-Soft; that or something like Old Spice with extra musk. Definitely trends to the masculine side. Not so very long-lasting; fades (luckily) after about 4-6 hours.
  5. 86 the musk

    by ASHLEY on Dec 18, 2015

    Cut the musk out of this and women could wear it. lol. The musk is a bit much.
  6. Simple sweet gourmand

    by Colin on Jun 3, 2015

    Gaultier 2 is made up of 3 simple notes; vanilla, amber, and musk. Longevity is much greater than average and silage is quite heavy. This is a unisex fragrance and although many fragrances make that claim, this one can easily be pulled off by either gender.

  7. Not bad for Vanilla

    by Michelle on Jan 10, 2015

    Smells clean. Reminds me of hot laundry out of the drier. It definitely has a big vanilla note. I myself am not into vanilla scents but this one is okay. I think this a fragrance for feminine people.
  8. SPG

    by Michael on Oct 27, 2014

    This unisex is a great scent. Got my sample and now I want to buy the bottle great for both men and women
  9. Sweet, Leathery, Unisex.

    by Rachel on Oct 19, 2014

    I personally love this fragrance. Very well-done vanilla, deep musk, and sensual amber! Definitely unisex, and some may feel it leans toward masculine. I understand, but try it for a day or two first! As it warms to your body, the vanilla really shines through. It smells delicious and comforting from beginning to end. I wear it day or night, hot or cold... But this is likely better for colder seasons, so that it isn't overwhelming.
  10. Yupp, Vanilla-Oriental!

    by Heather on Apr 13, 2014

    I really thought I would like this perfume right off the bat - that's why I ordered it to sample on my skin with my chemistry. I read up on the notes and many reviews and made my decision to order it. Well, I had to wait for this one to really grow on me. I found it just OK at first. It almost smelled kind of cheap. A word came to mind, 'trashy'. I hate to say that, because I've never felt that way before about a perfume and really don't want to dislike any fragrance. I try to find the best attributes in a scent and figure out how and when it works for me. However, I do not want to be misleading either. I want to share my honest opinion in my reviews. So, I 'test' thoroughly.

    I kept sniffing my wrists and elbow pits - over and over. I started to like it after about 30 mins. or so; maybe because I began to appreciate the vanilla more. It's more complex than at first ... more pleasing and not so simplistic or plastic-like. The vanilla is not overly sweet, and it seems to bring a nice warmth to the overall scent. At the beginning of the warm/dry-down, the amber is the note that really adds the sweetness, and the musk note contributes with a certain softness, making everything blend well at this point. NOW, I'm liking Gaultier 2! There, I feel better now! Whew!!

    I guess I could even say that G2 is a unisex scent, and I feel it will perform differently on everyone. I think this is more masculine than feminine, and maybe that's why I had a bit of trouble at the opening. This detail has me pondering, though, because I am usually drawn to wearing male perfumes. I find the notes suit me well, and I enjoy them immensely! After saying that, I can imagine a 'strong' women wearing this frag ... maybe that's me!!
  11. Long Lasting

    by Susara on Apr 7, 2014

    Vanilla, musk and amber mix wonderfully to perfect smell. Long lasting !!

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Jean Paul Gaultier Gaultier 2 Women's and Men's EdP

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